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Hi! My name is Aziz Sunderji. Welcome to my Substack newsletter. I publish visual stories about the economy, politics, and the art of living. I have a couple of degrees in Economics, and I worked at an investment bank for 15 years advising some of the world’s largest investors.

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We are saturated in bad media: clickbait that leaves you uninformed, bored—and sometimes—misinformed. This should not be surprising: until recently almost everything published, or aired on TV or the radio, was sponsored by advertisers. Creators weren’t incentivized to inform their readers with nuance and depth, but to gather attention for sale to the highest bidder.

Internet-enabled platforms like Substack allow audiences to pay creators directly. Incentives are aligned. By subscribing to my Substack you’ll support my work and the movement to connect writers directly with readers.

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